Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bring to your doorstep

Bring to your doorstep
Most religions have their own places of worship near their neighbourhoods example like Buddha Temples, Hindu Temples, Churches and Masjids so that they can foster good community relations, welfare and knowledge of their religions.But why do you see the Chinese people bring their ways to the housing estates right at their doorstep with burning of prayer papers, burning of materialistic effigies, rotten food offerings and set-up tents for dinner with music performance.

Maybe this way they can make greater influence to the people to make them SO LAZY to go to the temples and only more interested to make businesses of food caterers, serving services, sound-systems, tents, prayer supplies services and transportations.Once all these are set up, they will make as loud noise as they can because they have paid a little bit more for noise licence, so they are not breaking the law.

It is a welcome sight to see Pizza Hut, KFC or McDonald delivering delicious food at your doorstep.What the heck would anybody want to see smoke and burning at their doorsteps or rotten food offerings giving foul smell at their doorsteps or deranged musicians and temple mediums who are already having halucinations, making loud noises at their doorsteps.

And why would anybody bring Whatever or Anything at their doorstep example like Toto betting slips, 4D betting slips, Racehorse Racing Guides, even prostitutes or to the extend of putting God statues at their doorsteps?

All of the above-mentioned examples only shows the trademarks of Satan using every means he can as his devices with one sole intention to get every single human to do every damned dirty, rubbish, bastard ways to follow him to Hell !!

You are showing that you can create God statues at your doorstep of every buildings, offices, shopping centres, foodcourts, sports centres and at every dark corners.Look at the drink brands advertisement showing how an angry situations boils up that leads to the salesman gets beaten up as punishment and why is it only two thugs? This is to show that- 1.God and 2.His Malaikats, will carry out the punishments as He has planned come the end of this world and the universe !! And this advertisement is real proof that the end of the world will definitely come !!

You see how proud bird owners display their caged birds to sing at public places.To them, this can make them a handsome some of money at contests.Do they really understand when they look up at their caged birds to spur them to sing? How will they accept if they realise that what all the caged birds are singing about is the price all bird owners will pay for taking away the Freedom of their birds and that is punishment in Hell !!

A very prominent political figure in Southeast Asia, from the tiny little red dot island nation, says he has a cure to his neighbours who are the origins of the Malay Archipelago, on how to boost their economy. Just look what the American and the European, mainly English, give to the Arabs in Middle East.They gave a deadly poison labelled Israel to bring deaths and destructions to its neighbours so that they can never build a strong economy or military.This is what the Christians have been doing towards the Muslims from the beginning of history, as they cannot accept that Islam has the largest worshippers in the world.Can an immigrant origin leader be trusted with his advices as immigrants will go to every corners of the world, only to make their own money magnates or money conglomerates as they live only for this life and only for this world.To them the rest is Heaven's business and for that surely God has warrant them guarantees, their punishments in Hell for Eternity !!

Your faces are put up in frames in all schools, educational buildings, sports complexes and every government departments and offices.You feel very proud, very popular, very well-known to wave to the public upon your entrance to start the National Day Parade show.What do you really gave to the people ? You are only an elected President, a symbol of a republic government while the Prime Minister with his cabinet ministers and all members of the parliament are people who are only elected to run the government for a certain period.And they are all paid by the people to serve the people.What the heck a former Prime Minister can extend his position to a great grandfather Minister ?! Why do you want to be popular all over the world when God who creates everything in this life never really gets mentioned of His real name by anybody ? Will you (in His shoes) not be so angry for millions of universe years that you give all goodness to the world and makes everything going perfectly right and only find that nobody really care to mention your real name often or get to know you well ?!!

Your hairy balls gets so big and heavy for being too proud thinking you are so smart that you achieved everything in life by yourself thus making the ground under your feet to sink.Then the women when it is full moon, their menstruations overflow out of control, to flood the grounds becoming a vast stretch of red ground, so smelly and so stinky, that the ground became soft and collapse beneath them.People, like huge numbers of herds, the follow-the-herd-kind and the monkey-see, monkey do-kind will eventually see themselves fall into the hole to Hell !! Could this make a very good great-great grandfather's story that red colour is lucky and auspiscious ?!
What comes after you make preparations? What comes after you get everything? What comes after you arranged them accordingly? What comes after you follow all the 'pantang-larang' (taboos)? What comes after you finally burn everything making lots of smoke and see nothing comes out of it? But Satan who was standing near, watching you do everything as he asked you to do, saying,
"HAHAHA, What do you expect ? I SMOKED YOU ! THAT'S IT, NOTHING ! I make you do everything, to make you so busy FOR NOTHING ! If you expect a bikini-clad woman to materialise after the smoke, to bring her to bed then you are only bloody, stupid idiot.You go get yourself FHM or Maxim magazines where you will find many of them on the cover and inside pages, wearing bikini and spreading their legs, wanting that thing in-between their legs, as they will never get satisfied doing what they do !!

You see a school name in romanised English as Zhong Zheng Government High School.In Chinese translation it will look like a very long sentence because it includes plus Merit, plus Certificate, plus Diploma, plus Scholarship, plus Degree.At the MRT stations, the notice in romanised English is simple and clear.But the Chinese translation becomes so short with few characters that can be counted as 1,2,3...4,5,6...7,8,9...10.To the Chinese, everything that is public property they just don't give a damn as it is government's business.That's why the blatant burning and rubbish they leave behind.And the Chinese too, do easy work, get easy money and make even more money using the company's name.

People can hear The One loves to hum melodies to himself inside the MRT which sounds wholesome and soothing but listen to the Chinese play their religious music at the housing estates which only makes so much noise and irritates people.Even the mediums wear baby or woman's underwear costumes which make them look like children who are still learning to play music.Who are so bloody stupid idiot to be associated with childish-like religion ?!!

Like God bring down to this world Human and Satan.Like in the beginning and there is end.Like there is a man and a woman, like atoms have its positive and negative, like a disease has its cure, like day and night, like east and west, like good and bad, like gamble there are cheats, like money there are counterfeits, like bankers there are syndicates.All things of creations have their opposites.You need to go take courses to work in casinos as to project professionalism but those who will be coming are syndicate members and corrupt government officials who will win hundreds of thousands of dollars.You will serve them food and drinks while they will get everything for free like free entrance, free stay, free lunch, free dinner, free parking from the managers as they can make business connections.Whereas you, only a worker, gets only a miserly tip.Who are so bloody stupid idiot to work in the Casino ?!!

How do you see the priest sitting on the ground, telling people their fortune and see their future ?! How do you see the priest that sits on simple wooden chair and spread simple wooden table, telling people their fortune and see their future ?! How do you see the beggar monk dressed as he likes, while he is telling people their fortune and see their future ?! You watched the National Day Rally where the Prime Minister telling the people their fortune and see their future.Why did he wave to the people when he is squeezing the people to their very last drop of blood, for their money, to fulfil his own ambitions ?! And he even smile widely to everybody ?! How do you see every Muslim in the world, all facing to one fixed position at their prayers !! How do you see every Muslim come to Mecca and face Kaabah, every year and give a wave gesture at it !!

For GOD is always fixed at his position in Heaven, always giving goodness to all his creations in this world until the time has come that He releases His Anger to punish every single one of his ungrateful creatures !!

You desecrate every good and clean places with altars, food offerings, prayer papers and joss-sticks burning at every office buildings, factory buildings, foodcourts, shopping centres, sports centres, stadiums, swimming complexes, depots, stations, your homes, and even the paths to toilets. Do you see the similarity with graveyards, when the ghosts come out in the day to possess humans to do every damned dirty, rubbish immoral deeds ?! And ghosts only return to their graves to sleep at night when their graves are cold and comfortable for them.

How would you feel if somebody trying to restrict your life which is already so simple in your own home eg. like when you want to relax, when you want to sleep or when you want to rest, there is somebody banging the floor loudly above your head? And when you are at your personal computer playing your favourite games or lying on the sofa watching television or in the toilet washing laundry, the banging on the floor continues above your head? And this is done by a member of the majority towards a member of a minority ?!! When you report to the police you were told to refer to HDB, when you report to Town Council they told your report is referred to HDB.When you report to HDB they told your report is referred to a higher position officer to make decision, all with intent of doing nothing.When a person well-being is being harmed by psychological torment like noise and sleep deprivation, is it not defined as an intent of crime towards another person ?!!

If you as a member of the majority believe that your God make you into this world, to wake you up early in the morning only to do bastard deeds mentioned above, to another person who is a member of the minority, below your house when that person woke up to go to work for 12hours shift everyday, then that is not a real God but only Satan who is the adversary, the arch-enemy of humans, that cannot live side by side with humans but should be removed forever to a place at the bottom of Hell, below all dirty, smelly rubbish humans who are mostly from the modern science-computer technological generation whose fathers and mothers are the worst among men of all times, who make rubbish shits out into this world, to do every damned rubbish shits that give all the signs that the end of the world is near !!!